iPhone 6 rumors, release date, specs and more

iPhone 6 concept presented by NAK Design

UK’s Macworld has come up with a recap of the latest iPhone 6 rumors.

The device’s rumored release date is set around June or October of next year.

While it was initially claimed that the iPhone 6 will be launched in March 2103, Ed Valdez at Technoarti believes that the handset is likely to arrive by mid-2013.

The October release date rumors are based on the theory that Apple has established a late-season launch.

Rumors on the device’s possible features have emerged.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a Home Button that is oblong-shaped and touch-capacitive, meaning that it will allow users to swipe their finger left and right over it.

Other reports suggest that the iPhone 6 will actually be a small update to the current iPhone, and that it will be called iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 6 could also feature a Smart Bezel, that is, a Bezel that would display information and provide guidance to users to a certain extent.

The handset may come with an A6X processor, similar to the latest iPad.

Other rumors suggest the iPhone 6 will have A7 quad-core processor, which would be a quad-core CPU with quad-core graphics.

iPhone 6 leaked images have also surfaced on the net.

Photos of what seems to be the iPhone 5S’s external case were leaked over at iPhone5parts.net and publicized by Etrade Supply.

In addition, a new Apple patent seems to detail the integration of hidden audio sensors into the displays of upcoming devices.

The invention could help Apple trim down the iPhone 6, while integrating more advanced sensors.