iPhone 5 demand still strong, iPad mini “cannibalizing” the iPad 4

Credit: Apple

After talking with some of the leaders of the suppliers for Apple products, analyst Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee said that demand for the new iPhone is still high despite the difficulties of initial production.

Producers are still work to increase the number of devices to be developed by the holiday season.

According to Wu, sales of the iPhone 5 will be around 47.5 million units for the final quarter of 2012, still higher than those set out a few months ago sell between 45 million and 46 million iPhones.

If the iPhone 5’s growth is confirmed by analysts, the trend seems to be reversed for the fourth-generation iPad, whose sales have been going downwards, from 25 million to 23.5 million.

This decrease is due not so much to the fact that the product is not liked to customers, as itis to the release of the iPad mini, now available massively in all retail and Apple stores.

According to Wu, the iPad mini has “cannibalized” sales in the sector, leaving sales of its older sibling slower than expected.

Source: Apple Insider