iPhone 6 rumored to feature flexible screen

Photo: UnwiredView

UK’s Macworld has come up with a detailed article on the possibility that the device would be equipped with a flexible display.

A hint that Apple may be planning to introduce a flexible screen in its next smartphone was found in the company’s patent for ‘Electronic Devices With Flexible Displays’.

“Electronic devices may be provided with concave displays or convex displays formed from one or more flexible layers including a flexible display layer,” the patent abstract reads. “Portions of the flexible display may be used as speaker membranes for display based speaker structures.”

As Samsung is reportedly working on a flexible smartphone, the site speculates that Cupertino may want to face comeptition on the market by coming up with similar technology.

The report also states that recent dvelopments in the field of technology make the idea of a flexible display become reality.

Finally, the site speculates that an iPad mini 2 would make the perfect choice for Apple to put the idea of a flexible screen into practice.