iPhone 5 preferred by U.S. consumers, survey shows

According to the latest news reports, a survey conducted by investment institutions Piper Jaffray on more than 800 U.S. consumers found that more than half plan to buy the smartphone in the next three months.

The poll shows that 53.3 % of consumers said they expect to buy an iPhone 5 in the near future.

In October, 54.9 % chose the iPhone 5, while 47.7 % opted for the device in September.

“We believe this is a positive that demonstrates the majority of U.S. consumers want an iPhone 5 even following the launch craze, and despite the Maps issues that have been widely noted,” analyst Gene Munster said.

In addition to the iPhone 5, other smartphones are also among consumers’ choices.

35.3% of U.S. consumers will select Android phones in the near future, while the proportion of Windows Phone and the BlackBerry platform is 6.5% and 4.9%, respectively.

Based on the information obtained, the research film estimates that purchase trends for the iPhone 5 are higher than those for the iPhone 4S.

Source: AppleInsider