iPhone with curvy glass screen? New Apple patent

Apple has filed a patent for a new technique that would help design a thin curved glass screen.

The techniques of producing this type of glass are not the invention of Apple since a curved screen can already be found in the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.

But the patent filed by Apple for a new molding technique allows for this type of curved glass to be manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals and especially by accelerating the rate of production.

Thus, the firm will manage to create curved surfaces of very good quality and much faster by focusing on higher temperatures and also a system of tools alignment that move during the deformation of the glass against the mold.

However, a patent does not necessarily imply that the technology will be reused in the next version of the iPhone, but it gives good prospects for the future of the brand and its products.

Source: Patently Apple Via Engadget