iPhone 6, iOS 7 rumored to be tested by Apple

Photo: Jacob Williams Modeling

Whenever a new Apple device appears on the market, it is hardly long before rumors about the next version appear.

According to The Next Web, developers have found traces of what could be the next iPhone 6 and its new iOS 7 in their usage logs.

The references spotted by the developers show that requests come from an address on the Apple campus in Cupertino.

The current iPhone 5 is codenamed iPhone 5.1 or 5.2, depending on the version, which is in relation to the 4G.

According to the developers, the smartphone tested was running iOS 7, the next major update of Apple mobile devices.

These “traces” do not offer much more information, leaving a large veil of mystery on this iPhone 6 and iOS 7.

However, this shows that Apple is already working on its future products.