Apple rumored to planning the acquisition of Waze

In order to improve its Maps application introduced with the iOS 6, Apple is negotiating the acquisition of the company Waze specializing in road navigation.

For iOS6, Apple decided to replace Google Maps and to launch its own mapping application.

However, their alternative didn’t manage to convince many consumers due to mapping errors and a lack of information.

TechCrunch now reports that in order to rectify the situation, Apple plans to buy the company Waze which is included in the long list of providers for Cupertino’s maps app.

Their app has already been adopted by more than 30 million users worldwide and can offer real-time traffic information, reports of accident sites or climatic conditions or compare gas stations prices.

In order to provide this data, the Waze app focuses primarily on contributions from its users.

Citing sources very close to the company, Israeli website Newsgeek reports that Apple has offered to buy the application for $ 400 million, plus another $100 million in incentives, but Waze asked for $ 750 million.


TechCrunch author MG Siegler cites multiple sources saying that “there is no deal happening… now or anytime soon.”

He argues that the companies could have been in talks about an acquisition, but possible deals between larger and smaller companies take place “on a daily basis.”