iPhone 6 rumored to feature Innolux-developed touchscreen display

The China Times reports that Apple is collaborating with Innolux on developing a new display technology that will be used in the next-generation iPhone.

The current in-cell technology used for the touchscreen of the iPhone 5 remains the most popular and also the best on the market

In particular, the in-cell tech combines the sensors touch with the display.

However, while this allows reducing the thickness of the screen, the side effect is a reduction of its sensitivity and an incorrect interpretation of touch.

The touch-on-display technology of Innolux boasts a higher sensitivity compared to other methods as it doesn’t sacrifice the thickness or strength of the screen.

If the tests are successful, Innolux could become a key link in the supply chain of components for Apple products, pushing Sharp aside.

According to speculation, the next iPhone may be unveiled this summer.