iPhone 5S release date in June, rumored to feature Home button fingerprint sensor

Image: Ars Technica

Kuo launched this “rumor” based on the fact that Apple bought AuthenTec, a company specializing in fingerprint sensors, in July 20123.

Apple could find a way to integrate fingerprint sensors within the home button on your smartphone, allowing Cupertino not alter the “minimalist design” of their device.

With the use of this technology, Apple could propose an elegant and efficient way to replace the traditional use of usernames and passwords.

Many Android and Windows Phone devices often feature several buttons under their screens, most of which do not have the mechanical “push” of the iPhone’s home button.

As a result, future attempts to integrate such technology on competing devices would prove less intuitive than the iPhone, Kuo said.

He also expects that a cheaper iPhone will also be launched, featuring a new design and a plastic chassis that could be available in six colors.

According to Kuo, these two iPhone models would be announced in June or July, and preliminary builds are expected to start in March.

Source: Apple Insider/Macworld