iPhone 5S, iPhone Mini and iPad 5 concepts posted online

French website Nowhereelse.fr has appealed to designer Martin Hajek to publish his vision of iPhone Mini.

The designer has published mockups of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S in the past.

The iPhone Mini has a screen of 3.5 but with the coating and finishing of the iPhone 5.

According to rumors, Apple may use polycarbonate plastic for the case instead of metal or glass in order to reduce costs.

Hajek also presented his vision of the future iPad 5.

He envisions the device featuring a 9.7-inch tablet with a thinner bezel and lighter design.

Hajek’s rendering of the iPad 5 is inspired by the iPad mini’s design.

Source: Martin Hajek Via Nowhereelse.fr/iPhoneinCanada