iPhone 5 BulletTrain SAFE Wallet case keeps your cards and keys safe

The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone can carry the thickness of 5 credit cards or even up to 15 business cards.

The case also incorporates a stand that allows you to use your iPhone in both landscape and portrait mode.

In addition, the chassis features a SecretStash compartment where you can store things that you want to keep safe, such as folded bills for emergency spending.

The case can also be used for securely storing 2 standard size keys that can be placed in the capsule shaped cutout.

The BulletTrains SAFE Wallet case is available for the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 and comes in 5 colors, including BulletTrain Blue, Ruby Red, Arctic White, Simple Silver and Matte Black.

Source: Kickstarter