5-inch iPhone – here’s how it could become reality

Ritchie notes that Cupertino’s success in implementing new changes is by taking small steps, followed by adjustment periods after each.

The iPhone has received the same progressive treatment.

The author then analyses the steps Apple could take to launch a 5-inch screen iPhone.

One method of doing so could be by increasing the physical size of the current iPhone 5 display while maintaining the 1136×640 pixel count.

However, as Ritchie puts it, in this case “you’re getting bigger, not more.”

A 5-inch iPhone at 3x would add more pixels and that means 1704×960 which such a display size is 391ppi, which is even better than Retina.

That would mean designers and developers would have to reconsider their apps in order to fit the new standards.

And while such a change is likely to affect battery life, in terms of graphics, “you’re not just getting bigger, you’re getting more.”

Skipping 3x and going straight to 4x, that is, 2272×1280 at 522ppi, would be greatly demanding for the graphics processing power, light, battery.

But most importantly, this doesn’t seem very likely to become reality in the near future.

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