iPhone 5S in every color – not an easy task

This time a concept of the iPhone 5S was created by designer Alexander Kormishin.

The essential characteristic of this new mockup is the possibility to choose among multiple colors, as is the case with the new iPod Touch 5G.

However, John Brownlee from Cult of Mac believes such a change is not likely in the near future.

The main reason why we may not see an iPhone in a multitude of colors any time soon is that such a change would trigger important modification sin the design of the handset.

It is a known fact that major changes need time to take effect and should be done by taking small steps.

The report notes that the biggest problem Apple would face in making the iPhone 5S in different colors is the glass.

The company is known to have had difficulties in manufacturing the white iPhone 4 as the light was prevented from leaking through the glass onto the camera sensor.

Brownlee believes Apple could use the same method it did with the 2012 iPod touches: anodize the aluminum with different colors and leave the glass either white or black.

Via: Nowherelse.fr