iPhone 6/”iPhone Math” concept video presenting 4.8-inch screen

Image: Apple Digger

The latest rumor says that Apple is thinking of launching a smartphone with a bigger screen than the current model.

The guys at Russian site Apple Digger have provided a version of the handset with a 4.8-inch display and a 12 MP back camera.

A larger display means a sixth row for apps.

The clip also shows the device in five different colors – black, white, pink, blue and yellow.

The idea that the next iPhone will be offered in a variety of colors – and thus follows in the footsteps of the iPod Touch – has existed for some time.

However, John Brownlee from Cult of Mac believes such a change is not likely in the near future.

Discover the “iPhone Math” concept presented by Apple Digger.

Via: iDownloadblog