4-inch screen for iPhone 5 is the “right” size, says Tim Cook

Credit: Apple

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to be denying this speculation about a giant iPhone hitting the market.

During today’s Q1 2013 conference call, Cook said that the iPhone 5 has the most advanced display on the market in terms of technology that no other competitor can produce.

In his opinion, 4 inches is the perfect size for the new iPhone’s screen size.

“The iPhone 5 offers a new Retina Display and is the most advanced display in the industry,” Cook said. “It also provides a larger screen size without sacrificing the one-handed ease of use. We put a lot of thinking into screen size and we believe we have picked the right one.”

Many have taken Cook’s words as an indicator that we will not see such a device in the near future.

However, if an iPhone with a larger screen does become reality, such statement s will soon be forgotten.

Source: iMore