iPhone 5S, iPad 5, iPad mini 2 rumored new details

The large-scale production for the iPhone 5S is several months away from beginning, according to the report.

The camera lens will be upgraded with a 13 megapixel Sony flash sensor.

The prototypes are internally called N51 and N53, with a release planned for July.

As for the iPad 5, the tablet is called J72 and its launch is scheduled in October. iLounge previously reported that it may come with a design similar to that of the iPad mini and it could be thinner and narrower.

The second generation iPad mini is internally named J85.

Externally, it will not or hardly differ from the previous model, but it may feature a Retina screen and could be made using Sharp’s IGZO display technology.

In his earlier report, Horwitz also claimed that Apple may launch a low-cost iPhone in an effort to conquer more countries in Asia, especially China with its China Telecom operator with 700 million subscribers.

Image: Martin Hajek

Source: iLounge