iPhone 5S, iPad 5, low-cost iPhone rumors

Image: Martin Hajek

According to Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge, the iPad 5 will come out in October and will look a lot like the iPad Mini, with “the same chamfered edges and curves” and “virtually no left or right bezels.”

He adds that the tablet could be smaller, thinner and lighter than the current model and it may use Sharp’s IGZO display technology and smaller chip components.

Regarding iPhone 5S resume the design of the previous-generation iPhone, with a larger rear flash as the main addition.

In addition, the rumored low-cost iPhone will feature a plastic shell to reduce costs, Horwitz claims.

Apple seeks to conquer more countries in Asia, especially China with its China Telecom operator with 700 million subscribers.

To date, the iPhone 5 starts at $ 849 and $ 400 for the iPhone 4. Prices are still too high for a country where the average annual salary is $ 3000 per person.

The low-cost iPhone is meant to reach more people with an affordable price.

Finally, the rumored “iPhone Math”— a mistranslation of “iPhone +” as hinted by one of Horwitz ‘s sources —is also in development, but it is considered a kind of emergency plan against the larger Android smartphones.

While still in prototype stage, the device won’t arrive on the market in 2013.

Source: iLounge