iPhone low-cost model leaked details point to 4-inch screen

Today, iLounge published a series of details about low-cost device.

Jeremy Horwitz wrote that the low-cost iPhone will be released in 2013 and it will look more or less as what you can see from the pictures.

The device will have a 4-inch screen, it will be made of plastic, it will feature Retina display and Lightning connector.

Aesthetically, it will be a cross between the iPhone 5 the latest generation iPod touch and the iPod classic.

In practice, this iPhone will have the 4-inch screen of an iPhone 5, the rear part similar to that of the last iPod touch and a shape similar to one on the iPod classic.

The dimensions of the device are slightly larger than those of the iPhone 5, probably half a millimeter taller and half a millimeter wider, while also about one millimeter thicker.

The case will go from aluminum or glass to plastic, while other differences relate to the curved shape of the corners.

On the front side, the handset will look almost identical to the latest iPhone, but the differences become more apparent when looking at the sides, with the keys adopting elongated, pill-shaped designs, very similar to those used on the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod touch.

On the back there is the camera, the LED flash and a microphone. The bottom is a hybrid of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch, with a port for headphones, the Lightning connector, a microphone and a speaker. There is also a small hole for the second microphone.

Source: iLounge