BlackBerry Z10 sales turn out even better than BlackBerry expected


According to BGR, a well-informed industry source said that half of the demand for BlackBerry Z10 in Canada belonged to customers that weren’t BlackBerry users.

Nonetheless, sales of the company’s new Z10 have fared better than expected.

BlackBerry UK managing director Stephen Bates says that sales have been very promising up to now.

“The response we’ve seen exceeded all of our launch partners’ expectations. Customers are choosing to buy the BlackBerry Z10 in large numbers,” Bates told TechCrunch.

“In fact some of our partners have told us that they sold out over the weekend in some of their key retail locations. The partners’ call centres are also flooded with calls, as people phone to ask for more information about the device, and also where and how to buy it.”

The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone was released in the UK last week.

Today the handset is launched in Canada, as well as European markets, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands.