iPhone 5 vs. HTC One vs. BlackBerry Z10

Credit: iMore

Ritchie begins his post by noting that while last year the iPhone 5 was deemed as lacking innovation, the BlackBerry Z10 and HTC One are now accused of looking too much like Apple’s smartphone.

He notes though that “the black slab archetype” has been popular for some time now and the combination of a big screen and a minimalist case don’t leave too much space for design differences.

A side-by-side comparison easily shows the differences existent between devices, besides the more palpable ones such as size, materials used and feel.

Not to mention the distinctions between the operating systems powering these handsets – the iOS, Android and Sense.

Ritchie ends his post by suggesting that software and services are becoming far more important in the future on the mobile market.

Source: iMore