iWatch, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, less expensive iPhone, iPad 5, iPad mini 2 – what to expect from Apple

Ritchie has provided accurate predictions in the past about the products Apple has released, such as the Lightning connector or the launch of the iPad mini.

Regarding the iWatch, Ritchie writes that details have yet to appear but that the device is said to be under development.

Nothing is certain, however, about the possible launch of the Apple iTV.

Ritchie believes Apple is likely to launch an iPhone 5S in 2013, keeping in line with its tradition of releasing an iPhone model each year.

He also speaks of the highly anticipated 5-inch iPhone, the rumored iPhone 6, showing how effectively the intent of Apple towards the realization of such a device is. However, he believes this biger iPhone model is still i n prototype phase and the launch of such a device isn’t imminent.

Other products we can expect in 2013 are an iPad 5 and a Retina version of the iPad mini.

But a lot of improvements in the hardware will be required in order to bring a Retina display in the iPad mini and to make the case to the full size iPad as good as the one used in the iPad mini, Ritchie writes.

As for the low-cost iPhone, the importance of past deals with operators in emerging markets, or the prospect of reducing the price of the iPhone 5 could finally bring Apple to change tact by introducing a less expensive model.

Even if it can be difficult to predict which of these products will be released, it looks like 2013 will bring some important new Apple products.

But Ritchie feels that iOS 7 and 8, iCloud and Siri innovations could ultimately be even more exciting.

Source: iMore / Image: Martin Hajek