Xbox 720 rumors: October release date?

VG24/7 reported on Friday that a French retailer leaked the possible release date for “Destiny” as being Oct. 6th.

According to the Examiner, this may be an indicator that the Xbox 720 could be unveiled on the same day.

The site writes that since the game is almost confirmed for the Xbox 720, the console may be released around the same time.

The speculation is based on rumors that claimed the Xbox 720 will be receiving “Destiny” in 2013.

Until any official confirmation, you should be aware this is just speculation.

Here is the game’s description on the site, as posted by VG24/7:

“Everything changed with the arrival of Voyageur. It was originally a Golden Age that allowed our civilization to establish itself in the solar system. But it could not last. Something we put ashore broke. The survivors built a city in the Voyageur before returning explore our ancient worlds where only mortal enemies awaited them.

You are a Guardian, protector of last haven of life on Earth, armed with incredible powers. You must defend the city. Defeat our enemies. And look what we have lost. Be strong.”