iPad mini 2 rumors: leaked photos reveal rear shell

The Chinese site WeiPhone has published photos of what could be the back cover of the second generation iPad mini, which will feature a Retina display.

The leaks show that the next mini tablet shell may have a slightly thicker form factor than the current model.

The extra thickness makes sense given that the next iPad mini comes with a Retina display, but also for the accommodation of a bulkier battery.

However, the unclear origin of these images and the blue Apple logo on the back of the tablet make it impossible to tell if the leaks are authentic or not.

Rumors that AU Optronics would take care of the production of the next-gen iPad mini display tech appeared earlier this week.

AU Optronics is the current supplier of Apple for AH-VA wide-angle panels for the iPad mini.

Source: WeiPhone Via MacRumors