PlayStation 4 launch in ‘at least’ one country in 2013

Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

The company did inform that the new console will hit the market ahead of the holiday season this year.

Fergal Gara, Sony’s European gaming MD, spoke with Digital Spy and confirmed that the console will come out well in 2013, but that the output places were still under consideration.

“We will launch it this year. Exactly what regions, what timing, is being worked through. Which regions in 2013 – is it all of them, is it some of them? Is there some degree of phasing? We’ll reveal that in more detail later, but we can’t yet,” he said.

However, Gara did confirm that the console should launch in “at least” one country.

Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, recently told The Guardian in an interview that the Japanese giant could offer various subscriptions providing access to a whole bunch of features.

Source: Digital Spy Via Ars Technica