PlayStation 4: release date, rumors, specs and games announced

Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

Everyone who watched the Sony conference asked themselves at one point, “What does the console look like?” or, “When will they unveil the console?”, but the company chose to keep this a secret until the E3.

And yet, we say, why is the look of the housing so important? It will definitely be a black shell, maybe with rounded edges, perhaps a glossy finish and so on. What’s important lies under the hood.

Here’s what we know so far – it comes with an x86 “Jaguar” AMD processor with eight CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, and it is based on a PC architecture so that developers can design games easily.

The console has yet to be unveiled but the controller has been presented for a long time and rumors so far have been confirmed. DualShock 4 indeed has a small touchscreen at the center, much like that of the PS Vita, and a big Share button. And yet, that button is not just for posting stuff on Facebook and Twitter, but it also has another interesting feature: you can stream what you play or upload videos. Say goodbye to Capture Cards and other devices made ​​by other companies, the PS4 will allow you to record gameplay at the touch of a button.

In addition, the DualShock 4 controller has a light-bar that will work with your new PlayStation Eye camera, which seems to be a mixture between Eye Toy and Kinect. More specifically, the new Eye combines two wide-angle cameras, offering a field of view of 85 degrees, and detects the light bar on the controller to find your position in the room – it’s most likely we may get some games as well with this functionality. The same PlayStation Eye will be used to login by face-recognition alone, as in the case of smartphones.

Speaking of smartphones, the Sony conference was full of buzzwords that the marketing guys love: share, connect, integrate, mobile, interactive and so on. Especially when they talked about PlayStation App, the official new console application. PlayStation App will be Sony’s answer to Smartglass from Microsoft or Steam Mobile – it will turn your phone or tablet into a console accessory. That means you play the game on the console and you keep the map on the phone while trying to find collectables, you can buy games on the street and download them on the console (to have them ready when you get home) or you can simply relax, watching your friends’ streams. * sarcastic tone *

And now, the two major news at the conference, at least from our perspective.

The PlayStation 4 will not block used games. Again, the PS4 has nothing against used games. Immediately after the conference, a Sony representative spoke with Eurogamer and made ​​this clear, after months in which each gaming site posted rumors about the blocking of used games.

And the second major issue: the PS4 won’t always be online, as previous rumors suggested. You’ll be able to play what you bought quietly, without being connected to the net. Obviously, singleplayer not multiplayer.

Sony focused specifically on the connection between a PS4 and a PS vita. Using remote play via WiFi, you can play the games you have on vita on the PS4. That means you don’t have to pause – take the vita with you and continue to play. It’s a first-world problem solved … in the case you struggle so badly with it that you are willing to shell out $ 250 for a portable console and another $ 400 on a normal one.

Many gamers wanted to know if PS3 games will work on the new console and the answer is Yes. Of course, we’re not talking about backwards compatibility where you “put in the PS3 disc on the PS4 and it works,” but about the fact that games will be streamed via Gaikai. Unfortunately, this may mean that you will have to buy them again. Or so we understood.

Among the first games announced was Killzone Shadowfall. Taking place a few years after the events in the Killzone trilogy, Shadowfall comes with a new story in which the Helghasts and Vektans live in the same town, divided only by a huge wall. Of course, none of them show kindness to the others and neighbors are a little away from killing each other. Here comes a player that will control a Shadow Marshal, an elite soldier who has to keep the peace.

Of all the games presented at the PS4 conference, we believe that Shadowfall was the most important in terms of graphics. The game is developed by the same Guerilla Games that produced the other titles in the Killzone series.

If you look at the description of the show, we put a new trailer there, a video which shows the flow engine on which it runs.

Until now, the most famous series of racing games on the PlayStation was Gran Turismo. And yet, Sony has not announced anything about a Gran Turismo 6, but presented a new racing series. It’s called Driveclub and it is produced by Evolution Studios, the developer behind World Rally Championship and MotorStorm games.

What is special about the game? It’s a social game that encourages players to join clubs and compete with other teams, and apparently it will have a lot of innovative features for a racing game.

What features are those it’s still unknown, because developers have not revealed much.

The presentation of exclusive feature also included the Sucker Punch studio, now working on a new title from the series Infamous. The game is called Second Son and it follows the story of Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old who, after saving a few people from a car accident, wakes up as a super-hero. His super-power? To manipulate or turn into smoke.

As far as the location for the series is concerned, the game takes place 7 years after the adventures of ColeMacGrath and all the people who develop super powers are captured by a government agency in order to avoid another disaster like Empire City or New Marais. Obviously, Delsin will come in sight of the agency but will not stay quiet …. cause who wants to be a respectable citizen? Obviously, that’s what causes the chaos and the fans embark on an Infamous adventure, destroying everything in their path in Seattle.

Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, was present on stage to show pictures of his new puzzle game, The Witness, and many thought that this will be an exclusive. Well that doesn’t seem to be the case as The Witness will be available exclusively on PS4 for a short period of time. That’s because Blow has a contract that doesn’t let them start the game on other consoles in that period. Such as Wii U or the next Xbox.

The Witness will be, “a game about epiphany, that instantaneous transition of the mind that takes you from confusion to understanding,” and will provide approximately 25 hours of puzzles to solve.

More experimental and outside-the-box, so to put it, were the guys at Media Molecule, the studio dealing with LittleBigPlanet. The developer was present on stage to present the creative potential of PlayStation Move, playing and animating some 3D sculptures. But the images presented at the conference are just a demo, it is unknown whether they’re a part of the company’s new project.

Quantic Dream came with a demo designed to demonstrate the graphics power of a PS4. Yes, we mean that old floating head, the one with big, sad eyes. And no, this is not a demo taken from a new game, it is simply a presentation, just like Kara was last year.

As you realized, at the conference were several notable absences … such as Gran Turismo 6, Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian. Most likely, Sony is keeping a few surprises for E3. But where exclusives were missing, games from other companies popped up.

Capcom surprised viewers with a demo for their new engine, called Panta Rhei. The first game running on it is called Deep Down and seems to be a combination of Dragon’s Dogma, also from Capcom, and Dark Souls … at least in appearance, it is strongly reminiscent of Dark Souls. At the end of the trailer you can see some new social features that Sony implemented: the player sends a message to a friend to help him with some better gear so that he can defeat the next boss. Very much like Dark Souls, where you can summon players.

As for Square Enix, a company representative walked on stage with a demo … but nothing new. It’s the demo from E3 for the next Final Fantasy game, the one developed on next-gen. So, moving along.

Ubi presented an incredible demo for Watch Dogs, its most anticipated game, and we can say it was worth the wait.

As you know, Watch Dogs is the newest IP from Ubisoft – it will be an open world game built on a completely new engine by Ubisoft Montreal, that will present a future world completely controlled by technology. You will control Aiden Pearce, a guy who is able to hack any device connected to the operating system of the city. In the demo from the conference, Aiden is able to find out anything about any person and steal his money. Oh, and in case of need, Aiden can hack the navigation system of a subway and force it to stop.

Ubisoft presented a very plausible near future but Bungie, the creators of the Halo series, topped the most science fiction games. Yes, Bungie, the studio that only made games for Microsoft consoles, will launch its next project, Destiny, on Sony consoles as well. Both on the PS3 and the PS4.

Diablo III will be released on the PS4. Chris Metzen from Blizzard Sony walked on stage and announced that Diablo III will be released on this console, with new controllers and a co-op mode in singlescreen for four players.

No one found out how the PS4 looks like, and we will have to wait a few more months until the console is unveiled, but Sony presented some interesting stuff.

Sony announced that the new console will be launched ahead of the holiday season this year.

We’re curious what’s your opinion about the event. What game drew your attention in particular? What do you think was missing and had to be presented?