Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors of floating touch and new display confirmed?

SamMobile has recently confirmed several rumors circulating on the net about the upcoming device.

According to SamMobile, who cites an insider, the Galaxy S4 will benefit from a new screen made from AMOLED material called “green PHOLED.”

The advantage is that it uses color GREEN-YELLOW, allowing it to be 25% more efficient.

In addition, with the rumored Exynos Octa, the autonomy of the Galaxy S4 may be the best ever.

Another novelty expected is the Scrolling Eye.

This technique is located at the front camera. The movement of your eyes determines the action of “scrolling”.

Other technical specifications include a 13 megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, NFC and LTE connectivity and a micro SD slot.

An innovative camera feature will be the Samsung Orb that will allow 360 degree photo capturing, similar to Google’s Photosphere software.

All questions will be answered next week on Thursday at the Samsung event.