Samsung Galaxy S4 release: rumors, specs, accessories, comparisons and more

Credit: Samsung

On the night of Thursday to Friday in New York Samsung introduced its new flagship device, equipped with a very interesting set of features which places it in the range of this year’s high-end flagship smartphones.

Samsung announced that the smartphone will be launched on 327 carriers, including six in the U.S., in 155 countries sometime at the end of April.

Credit: Samsung

Next to the Galaxy S4, Samsung also presented a set of accessories that are part of the S Health, a new line of products and software aimed at the area of health, well-being and fitness, and closely connected to the new smartphone.

Credit: Samsung

Credit: Samsung

Credit: Samsung

Engadget reported that a Qi wireless charging pad was also included in the accessories, despite not being officially presented. The device would allow users to charge their smartphone by simply placing it on the base, without plugging anything.

Ray Soneira, president of display analysis and software calibration company DisplayMate, praised its adaptive screen settings and its ability to display natural colors.

Credit: Samsung

But let’s also see the rumors that were circulating online ahead of the smartphone’s presentation.

Patent Bolt discovered a trademark filing requested by Samsung for a patent on 3D capabilities, leading to speculation that this new feature could have been introduced alongside the Galaxy S4.

A Bloomberg report stated that eye-tracking technology may appear in “future versions of the phone,” but not in the S4.

The report also added that the device would be available in two versions: one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and the other with the Exynos 5 Octa CPU.

Other rumors claimed that the S4 would feature a SwiftKey virtual keyboard with a word prediction feature.

Samsung was also rumored to have tried to register the name of “Hyper Bright Display” for the Galaxy S4, a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals.

However, RootzWiki reported that regulators have rejected the request for the reason that it is a combination of common words.

Numerous leaks were posted online ahead of the S4 launching event.

On Monday a user on Chinese forum 52 Samsung claimed to have leaked the first “real” images of the S4 and a series of detailed photos was released by Chinese site mobile it168 a few hours before the official presentation of the S4.

Leaked videos appeared on the web a couple of day before the official debut of the smartphone.

52 Samsung, the same source that posted the first leaked photos of the handset, posted a hands-on video of the S4, followed by Korean site SammyHub.

Samsung also added to the anticipation with a series of teasers, in the form of a clip and an official photo.

Credit: Samsung

Following its presentation, tech sites have come up with a couple of smartphone comparisons.

PhoneArena published a set of photos comparing the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S4/Image: PhoneArena

iPhone 5/Image: PhoneArena

Cult of Android has posted a table comparing features of the Galaxy S4 to other smartphones.