Samsung launches S Health accessories alongside Galaxy S4

Specifically, the accessories in question are part of the S Health, a new line of products and software aimed at the area of health, well-being and fitness, and closely connected to the new S4 Galaxy.

They include the S Band, Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and Body Scale.

Credit: Samsung

Credit: Samsung

Credit: Samsung

The Galaxy S4 incorporates sensors capable of measuring and analyzing the physical activity of the user.

One such accessory is the S Band, a bracelet available in four different colors (blue, pink, brown and black) and used to record each of your steps, the distance traveled and calories burned.

The S Band will keep an eye on your physical activity without needing Galaxy S4.

For weight control, the Body Scale will calculate your weight and send it directly to the S Health app’s “Total Reports” feature.

All three accessories will be launched in April, alongside the Galaxy S4. The S Band and Body Scale are priced at $99.99 each, while the Heart Rate Monitor costs $69.99.

Source: CNET