Xbox 720 rumors: new console won’t play used games

Today VGLeaks unveiled several screenshots of Microsoft’s software development Durango XDK.

The site posted four images showing the accompanying software development kits.

The information released about the new Xbox 720 states that installing games to the hard drive will be required.

“Every Durango console will have a hard drive, although its exact capacity has not been chosen,” the documentation reads. “It will be large enough, however, to hold a large number of games. All games will be installed on the hard drive. Play from the optical disc will not be supported.”

On the current Xbox this was an option but Microsoft apparently changed the tune and it will be impossible to play a game without having it previously installed on the console.

Also according to the documentation, the Xbox 720 will apparently require a permanent connection to the Internet to function properly.

Users will enter a unique activation code in order to play and a server will verify the code.