iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 could have been developed under Steve Jobs

Credit: Apple

After Steve Jobs passed away, rumors appeared, suggesting that in the next four years Apple will launch products whose development process was overseen and approved by the late Apple CEO.

San Francisco district attorney George Gascón told the SF Examiner that an Apple representative has confirmed that the development of the next two iPhones will be built based on Jobs’ indications.

Gascón said that this information was passed by Apple’s government liaison, Michael Foulkes, in a discussion regarding the issue of stolen mobiles.

The discussion was based on Gascón’s intention to persuade manufacturers to implement kill switches in mobile devices. Specifically, he wants Apple and other manufacturers to implement a system that enables the automatic blocking of stolen mobile handsets.

All rumors posted last month about the iPhone 5S indicate that the terminal will be officially launched this summer, with June and July bas possible release dates.

Regarding the iPhone 6, analysts have speculated that it will be launched in 2014, most likely in June.

As for the low-cost iPhone model, it has been speculated that the device will hit the market in Q3 this year, possibly in September.