iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone, iPad Mini 2 release date could be delayed due to production challenges

Credit: Apple

New forecasts regarding the release of these three products come from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

This year in January Kuo sketched out Apple’s 2013 release roadmap, predicting that the company will upgrade the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac notebook in the third quarter.

However, on Thursday he announced that the plan may be delayed.

Because of these problems, he now thinks that the iPhone 5S won’t come out on the market until September, October or in the worst case in November.

There are various reasons which could explain the delays in the launch date, Kuo says.

For example, for the iPhone 5S, Apple is having difficulty integrating one of its new components, namely, the fingerprint sensor.

The analyst also believes that the development of the next version of iOS would take longer than expected.

In addition, the iPad Mini 2 would be launched later because there are problems with the retina display that is apparently more difficult to produce.

Finally, Kuo details some problems with the manufacturing of the plastic cover of the low-cost iPhone, as the initial design is too thin.

Source: AppleInsider