Xbox 720 rumors: next Microsoft console could come with cable TV, Kinect 3D integration

Credit: Microsoft

According to The Verge, the upcoming Xbox can be connected to a TV and set-top box which will be controlled via the console.

The site’s sources claim that Microsoft is planning to equip the new Xbox with an HDMI input so that the console can add extra software or adjustment for the viewing experience of live channels in the style of Google TV.

The Xbox 720 would be connected to your cable box via HDMI so you can access Xbox 720 programming and your TV using the same input.

Rumors say that the new console will require an always-on Internet connection to function, which means that it will offer content at all times.

Along with this development, the Xbox 720 will also integrate Microsoft’s Kinect 3D camera system in order to be able to distinguish the position and movement of our eyes and pause playback of content when we are not looking at the TV.