Xbox 720 rumors suggest existence of two consoles

However, a new report from VGLeaks seems to claim the opposite.

The site writes that the DRM rumors refer to another console that is set to be released alongside the Xbox 720.

NBC News contributor Yannick LeJacq offers an extensive article on the report from VGLeaks.

This new “Xbox Mini” is expected to feature the rumored specs of the company’s next consoles, including an always-online requirement, backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, and no disc drive.

Last month a rumor was started by gaming site MCV about the existence of an Xbox with no disc drive.

But this report would be in line with the claims of Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrot who believes Microsoft has at least two other versions of a new console in the works.

These two devices would reduce the cost and size of the Xbox in order to create a smaller console that would compete with the likes of Apple TV.

VGLeaks claims that the two new Xbox consoles are meant to be used simultaneously.

Thus, the Xbox Mini would offer entertainment apps and 360 games that users can download through Xbox Live Arcade, and the Xbox 720 will come with new content.

Given that the Xbox Mini doesn’t have a disc drive, users will get backwards-compatibility with the help of an additional console.