Gerard Butler: “Dating someone and this someone is for real,” journalist says

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

Currently in London to promote his latest film “Olympus Has Fallen,” the Scottish actor gave an interview to The Independent journalist Deborah Ross.

In the interview, the actor denies claims that he’s earning $20 million for a movie and talks about his latest movie, “Olympus Has Fallen,” described as “a right-wing, Die Hard-style siege fantasy set in the White House.”

The actor doesn’t say much about his personal life in the interview, only that he has a residence in LA and one in New York, but most importantly, he confirms that he is in a relationship, although he doesn’t give the name of his girlfriend. However, things should be very clear as he attended the premiere of his film “Olympus Has Fallen” in the company of Madalina Ghenea at Cinema Adriano on April 5 in Rome, Italy.

The next day, the couple was spotted on a romantic stroll in the Italian city.

“I can tell you he is dating someone and this someone is for real, and not Jennifer or Cameron, who never were,” journalist Deborah Ross writes in the article.

Gerard and Madalina have been in the spotlight lately, with speculation surrounding the status of their relationship.

Last month a picture surfaced, showing Madalina partying with some friends in a club, including her supposed ex-boyfriend footballer Marco Borriello.

Based on this photo, the Italian press speculated that the couple had split.

However, a few days after the incident, Madalina posted on her Facebook page a video with Gerard in which the actor visits patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with the caption: “HE IS THE BEST!”

For the full interview go to The Independent.