Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert: the country singer “is monitoring his phone and email,” magazine reports

The couple, in separate interviews, talked about the speculation, with Shelton recounting that he loves being in the tabloids, while Lambert said that “divorce is not an option.”

It is certain that the pair doesn’t take everything that appears in the media seriously, judging by the way that they treat the situation, which is to laugh off.

According to the Us Weekly, Miranda and Blake have stood by each other, despite recent tabloid reports. Also, Miranda has access to Blake’s phone and Twitter messages.

“Either one of us can always look at each other’s phone, and we know each other’s passcode,” Miranda said. “I like to check his direct [Twitter] messages.”

The magazine claims that Miranda is concerned about rumors of infidelity surrounding her husband.

“[Miranda] knows [Blake] comes off as flirty. She questions him at times and asks about certain girls. The rumors are hard for her to hear,” an insider told Us Weekly.

Lately, the couple has been the target of numerous infidelity rumors and they have chosen to react in a humoristic way.

Via Us Weekly / Photo: Us Weekly