Madalina Ghenea about Gerard Butler: “I am very happy and I repeat, I am lucky and I thank God”

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

Very moderate in statements, the beautiful Romanian model/actress gets excited every time she’s asked about her relationship with boyfriend Gerard Butler.

In an interview with Romanian TV channel Antena 1, Ghenea confessed that she is very happy with her ​​boyfriend, but did not give too many details about the Scottish actor.

“I am very happy and I repeat, I am lucky and I thank God. I don’t know, I get nervous, I can’t talk about him now,” Madalina said, adding that her boyfriend has provided all the necessary information regarding their relationship.

“He said it all, he gave all the details of how we met, fell in love, we’re together, we’re not together. He gives all the details”, she said.

Gerard Butler was the one that offered the most statements about his relationship with the Romanian model/actress.

In addition, The Independent journalist Deborah Ross, who took an interview with the actor for the promotion of his latest film “Olympus Has Fallen” in London, wrote: “I can tell you he is dating someone and this someone is for real, and not Jennifer or Cameron, who never were.”

Various breakup rumors have been circulating lately and the couple hasn’t issued any official statement yet, but based on their declarations we can understand that their relationship is still going strong.