Madalina Ghenea: Gerard Butler “is my first true love”

Photo Credit: Invidia

The supermodel gave an interview to TV host Toffanin Silvia for the Italian talk show Verissimo in which she opened up about her relationship with one of the most sought after Hollywood actors.

About the Scottish actor, Ghenea had of course only words of praise.

“He’s my first true love, he’s a great guy who knows how to do everything and I hope he will never change in any way.”

Regarding the moment she will walk down the aisle, the Romanian actress doesn’t seem to have plans for the near future, but she has a different opinion when it comes to children.

“For me, maybe it is too early at this point,” she said about marriage. As for the idea of ​​having a baby she seemed more determined: “I want that immediately, right now.”

“I’ve always wanted a family with many children and pets,” Madalina confessed.

As an actress, Madalina has all her boyfriend’s support as he encourages her work.

“Gerard urges me to work as much as I can! He pushes me to study, to take acting, singing and dancing classes. Just the way he does: we have many things in common, he began making films at a later age, at 25 like me.”

Also recently, Madalina Ghenea has granted an interview in which she spoke about the handsome actor: “I am very happy and I repeat, I am lucky and I thank God. I do not know, I get nervous, I can not talk about him now.”

“He said it all, he gave all the details of how we met, fell in love, we’re together, we’re not together. He gives all the details.”

Madalina’s newest film, “Razza Bastarda”, directed by Allesandro Gassman, appeared in Italian cinemas on April 18.

Also in 2012, Madalina Ghenea shot the movie “Dom Hemingway”, directed by Richard Shepard, a feature film that will be released in theaters in the fall of 2013.

Lately, the couple has been the target of many rumors, but it seems that their relationship is becoming stronger.

Source: Invidia