Madalina Ghenea, Gerard Butler rumors: the Scottish actor’s mother wants her son to propose

Madalina Ghenea/Facebook

According to the latest rumors, Margaret Butler is anxious for her son Gerard to “give her another baby to spoil.”

The National Enquirer reports that the actor brought girlfriend Madalina in Scotland over Christmas to meet his mother.

“Gerard took Madalina home to Scotland to meet his mother over Christmas,” the tabloid claims. “Margaret feels she’s a sweet, down-to-earth girl, who makes her son very happy. She doesn’t understand the marriage hold-up.”

It seems Margret really wants her son to give up his bachelor life: “Gerard’s mom knows her son is famous for loving and leaving [women]. But his family hopes he’ll be popping the big question to Madalina any day now.”

But in an interview last week Madalina spoke about marriage: “For me, maybe it is too early at this point.”

So drag your own conclusions about a possible wedding in the near future. Anyway, rumors about the pair have been around since they started dating.

In conclusion things are clear only when they make them clear.