Tim Cook says no 5-inch iPhone in the near future

Credit: Apple

At the conference of presentation of Apple’s financial results for the second quarter of the year, Tim Cook was back on the possibility of developing a bigger iPhone.

“My view continues to be that iPhone 5 has the absolute best display in the industry,” Cook said. “Our competitors have made trade-offs to ship a larger display. We will not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade-offs exist.”

“Some customers value large screen size. Others value other factors, such as resolution, color quality, white balance, brightness, reflectivity, screen longevity, power consumption, portability, compatibility of apps, many things,” he added.

“Our competitors have made some significant tradeoffs in many of these areas in order to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these tradeoffs exist.”

The Apple chief said they won’t release a large screen smartphone and will not present any new product before the fall.

On the other hand, Cook hinted that new hardware, software and services will be launched later this year and in 2014.