iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Q10

Ritchie starts by praising the multitouch experience that performs quite well on the 720×720 display on the BlackBerry Q10 but he sees the AMOLED display as a concession to battery life.

He calls the hardware keyboard perfect and the Q10 keyboard as “very likely the best BlackBerry has ever produced.”

While big brand apps are on BlackBerry, he remarks the absence of the old “indie apps from iOS” and that “the most interesting and delightful software is still being written almost exclusively for iOS.”

As BlackBerry 10 is a new operating system and still at first generation, there are minor flaws that pop up from time to time but he only sees it as an inevitable initial stage for the OS.

“No one who wants an iPhone will want a Q10,” Ritchie writes.

BlackBerry Q10 is aimed at users who put a lot of focus on communication, enterprise communication especially, which makes it different from the iPhone 5.

But the Q10 is “a hold-over from an old but not quite yet forgotten age,” and manufacturers not switching to touch displays do so because the transition proves difficult.

However, based on market demands, the BlackBerry Q10 will gradually lose ground to the Z10.

Ritchie concludes, “But right now, today, I don’t care. Right now, today, it’s like watching your favorite hero from the past come out of retirement to kick ass once again, even if it’s for one last time.”

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