iPhone 6 release date rumors forecast for June 2014

Credit: Apple

During the latest Apple earnings call conference, the company’s CEO Tim Cook pointed out that retailers of smartphones have accepted too many compromises in terms of user experience, releasing devices with larger displays.

He highlighted that Cupertino had no intention to make similar sacrifices to the iPhone.

However, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes that Apple is already working on a new iPhone 6 with a larger display, which will be released in June 2014.

Besides the bigger display, the device would come with new color options, a faster processor, a better camera and a fingerprint reader.

The analyst also speculated that Apple could equip the handset with a mobile payment based on Apple’s Passbook service.

A BGR report suggests it is possible that Cook’s statements were intended to prevent any buyers from avoiding the iPhone 5S as they await the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be launched in the fall following delays related to production issues.

Source: Financial Post