Next-gen Xbox rumors: no Illumiroom in rumored Xbox 720

Microsoft Research’s Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones told Engadget that a public demo of the system won’t take place before the Siggraph event in July.

The two researchers explained that while the IllumiRoom technology is “working well” now, it will not be integrated into the next Xbox.

A Kinect module captures the appearance of the area and the positioning of the TV and a projector displays an image taking into account the various elements of the surroundings for special effects.

This projector is able to project images well beyond the TV, as well as on walls, floors or furniture, transforming the atmosphere based on the video game that is played.

In a new video presented this week, there are some examples of the use of IllumiRoom and how the system will add real impact to your environment.

Source: Engadget