Madalina Ghenea interview: “I ​​actually worked in the market, selling tomatoes”


The beautiful actress talked about her childhood and how she was rewarded with an ice-cream for her work.

After confessing that she doesn’t like to go shopping, the host made a joke saying that he wanted to invite her in the market and Madalina replied: “I ​​actually worked in the market, selling tomatoes. I woke up early at around … ‘I think mom fainted at home.’ I had a garden with cucumbers and tomatoes, because that is what we were actually selling, and I was little and I lay there on those stone tables and had to invite people to buy. Anyway, this is one of the most intimate stories. We had to wake up very early and the prize was an ice cream.”

Madalina also revealed that she’s talented at other things besides acting, and that if she fails in this job, she’s got other options.

“I think that if I don’t get lucky and God doesn’t help me in this job, and I want and I love it so much, I’m ok, I can do a lot of things. I have a degree, I can be a ballet teacher, I finished art school in Slatina, I’m very good at this, I can be a nanny, I’m a great nanny, the kids love me, I can be, I don’t know, I can cut or dye hair.”


Madalina talked about how she managed to become famous, who helped her and how troubles didn’t by-pass her as she’s in a trail with a modeling agency in Italy.

She became known through her Facebook page when a person from a mobile agency in Italy contacted her for a commercial.

“Basically the person in charge of the advertising and the campaign, the advertising agency saw my Facebook profile, wrote to me, I did a casting and when the ad came out my life was completely changed. I used to work before that but as a model, I wasn’t famous and practically the next day everything changed for me, and basically that’s how I got into cinema, I got on the big screen thanks to them, and because of this person who believed so much in me.”

As for the trail that she’s implicated in at the moment, she said: “I worked eight years with a fashion agency in Italy with which I am currently in a trail and who have not paid my last contracts, although I virtually worked for nothing for almost a year without getting my money. I’ve been on trial with them for several years now, it’s hard at this age to have to deal with such persons and in such situations but I had to grow up. ”

Madalina Ghenea left her home in Slatina to work when she was 14 with one goal in mind: to change the fate of her family.