Madalina Ghenea speaks in a new interview about her roles in “Dom Hemingway” and “Razza Bastarda”


Invited for the second time at Antena 3 in Romania, Ghenea did a recap of the events from the past year. And many things changed for the beautiful actress in the last 12 months, both professionally and personally.

The 25-year-old actress said it was hard because it’s very difficult to find someone with good intentions that will lead you in the right direction, but with all this she succeeded despite her hardships.

She talked about her role in “Razza Bastarda,” a tough film about migration, about “Dorina, a girl who completes her studies in Romania and leaves Romania with a dream, with the hope of finding work, of helping her family and unfortunately she ends up in the street, as it happens quite often.”

Ghenea also recounted how she got the role in “Dom Hemingway,” a film starring names like Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Demián Bichir and Emilia Clarke.

She was actually auditioning for another film where she was supposed to star alongside her ​​boyfriend Gerard Butler. She failed to get that role but managed to obtained one that is more important.

“This character is a villain, it’s a classic, the femme fatale, a mysterious woman, with a very dark past, with a very dark soul and it is a project that when I first read to me it seemed impossible to be the feminine protagonist of such an important project. Because there are so many beautiful women and so many femme fatale in cinema that it seemed impossible, I said it last time on the show, I don’t see myself so beautiful,” Madalina said.

She was initially aiming at another movie starring her ​​boyfriend Gerard Butler but unfortunately she can’t reveal the name of the film: “Unfortunately I can not tell you, but it is a film where I was supposed to appear alongside an important person in my life, so to say … and it didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be, but it was a role that was less important than this role and I thought I should take it gradually and not get a lead role right away, but that’s what God wanted.”

Madalina said that the hardest scene in the movie was when she had to sing: “I said earlier that I auditioned a lot for that movie with that important person in my life, and I learned that when I work with a director I have to be convinced of the role that I’m trying to take, to have.”

“When I auditioned for Dom Hemingway, I was so convinced and so convincing that the director thought I knew how to swimming, how to drive (I don’t have a driving license, I don’t drive), to sing (I’m not a singer), to do so many things … it’s a character who knows how to do almost anything. Then it was revealed that I wasn’t actually a singer, I took intense singing lessons. We had a little time before the shooting started, and in the film I had to sing live, so it is not recorded, it couldn’t be recorded for some reason, it’s a very difficult song to sing and I had a very masculine ton, which is very difficult, maintaining basically the original song. I can’t tell you which is the song because I already can’t speak too much about this film after all.”

“It was two in the morning, very cold, we filmed in southern France, and simply I could not sing, my voice … I was stuck and I could not sing and in front of me were the three lead actors that I named earlier plus a team of nearly a hundred people waiting for me to sing, and at that moment I had a shock, a small problem, a small accident that woke me up.”

Madalina’s latest film “Razza Bastarda” is directed by Allesandro Gassman and it hit Italian cinemas on April 18.

“Dom Hemingway,” a movie directed by Richard Shepard, a feature film that will be released in theaters this year in the fall.