Have Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler split?

Photo: Antena3.ro

Following Madalina Ghenea’s interview, broadcast on May 6 in her native country, the media wrote that she and Gerard Butler have split.

Apparently a source close to the model told the Romanian media that “her relationship with the actor is practically over, they rarely see each other.”

“And on a professional level she’s not doing too great either”, the source added.

In the interview Ghenea thanked the press for not doing her any harm and asked journalists in advance not to “scold” her in the case of a separation from her boyfriend.

“The media has eventually been really, I don’t know … I want to thank journalists in Romania, in Italy, everyone, because nobody did any harm in that sense. Ultimately, I don’t know what could be seen as negative in my relationship. Then if this relationship is over, I ask everyone in advance to be the same as before and not scold me, not be upset with me,” Ghenea declared.

However, it’s bizarre that she didn’t mention anything about the breakup on the show.

Furthermore, she was very weepy when she saw the photos with her and Butler.

More specifically, regarding her relationship with the actor she declared: “I fell in love, that’s all I can tell you about this extraordinary man.”

“It’s a life lesson for me. He is a professional, working at the highest level. He’s an extraordinary man and I learned a lot from him.”

It is true that she also spoke about the possibility of a separation, but she was only speaking on general terms.

When the host asked her about a possible breakup, Ghenea responded: “If there is any possibility? It’s personal life, it is a very personal detail. But that’s how it is, unfortunately we live in a world where relationships end more quickly than they should.”

Another similar rumor came from the Italian media who speculated that she and Gerard had broken up based on a photo showing Madalina dancing in a club with her supposed ex-boyfriend, footballer Marco Borriello.

Separated or not, we’re waiting for an official response from the couple, until then, these are just rumors.

In any case, it seems Madalina Ghenea is classy and thanks journalists no matter what they write.