Xbox Infinity and PlayStation 4 difference becoming more visible?

When they were launched, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were aimed at offering an improved gaming experience.

However, in time differences that were more and more visible started to appear between the two consoles.

A new Forbes report states that diversities will become more noticeable in the upcoming gaming devices.

“It’s true that we only have extremely limited information about Microsoft’s next console, and there are still questions about Sony ‘s PS4, but a narrative is starting to emerge,” Forbes contributor Paul Tassi writes in a recent article.

”Sony is going to have a laserlike focus on games this time around, while Microsoft wants to create a device that everyone, gamers and non-gamers alike, will want to have in their living rooms.”

Microsoft has focused on home entertainment with the Xbox 360 and the rumored Xbox Infinity is expected to bring improvements in that direction.

According to recent speculation, set-top box integration may be a feature of the next Xbox.

Regarding the PlayStation 4, the console is said to come with several entertainment features just like the PlayStation 3, but its primary focus will be the gaming experience.

“It seems like [the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4] may end up being fundamentally different machines that fill specific roles in the technology sector, rather than completely overlapping each other like they did last generation,” Tassi writes.

Sources close to Microsoft have reportedly confirme the company’s next generation gaming device will be called Xbox Infinity.

Source: Forbes