Gerard Butler: splits from Madalina Ghenea, flirts with Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry?

Gerard Butler/Facebook

After being caught flirting with Jennifer Aniston, the Scottish actor was seen at another event, enjoying the company of Katy Perry, according to reports.

According to Star Magazine, Jennifer Aniston had a “nasty fight” with her ​​fiancé, and the wedding was called off for the same period in which it is assumed that the Scottish actor and the Romanian model had said goodbye.

“Aniston immediately lit up” when Butler approached the couple’s table, irritating Justin, Star reports.

“Justin was furious. He called Jen selfish and said he’d felt like a third wheel while she flirted with Gerard all night. Jen broke down in tears. When they left, she had mascara running down her face.”

In the past, Katy Perry and Gerard Butler have been the target of dating rumors, and now new reports claim that they both attended the prestigious White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and that at the event afterwards the two were spotted flirting.

“They were really flirty all night,” a source told Heat magazine. “It started at dinner. Gerard was there with Piers Morgan and Katy kept drifting to their table. Everyone was mingling at first so no one took much notice, it wasn’t until the Vanity Fair after-party that they really stood out.”

Butler was also present at a party in New York, organized after a screening of “The Great Gatsby”.

He discussed with former Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr, 30, and the pair “had been standing close in conversation for 20 minutes,” a source told the New York Post.

Anyway, Miranda seems to be happily married with Orlando Bloom.

Gerard Butler’s girlfriend has granted an interview in which she spoke about her relationship with the Scottish actor, including the possibility of a separation, but only on general terms. That was the spark which led to rumors that the couple had split.

What you think? Who do you think will be linked to Gerard Butler next time? Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron or Rihanna?

Just kidding, but we believe things have been pushed too far.