iPhone 6/5S rumors: release date, leaked parts, features and more

The iPhone 5S release date is set for fall, not summer as it was initially rumored. To confirm this timeline, an Asian publication claims that iPhone 5S Retina displays will enter into production in the next month. Sharp, LG and Japan Display are the main producers.

Adding to rumors about the start of production of screens for the iPhone 5S in June this year, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty reports that the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone will enter into production in mid-summer.

Given the timeframe for the production of the two devices, it is expected that both devices will hit the market in the autumn.

September is the rumored month marked for the launch of iPhone 5S and the low-cost model.

A new Apple patent could allow the implementation of “invisible” buttons.

The company is said to be thinking about improving the design of future devices by hiding buttons which would become visible only when illuminated by using light sources and if activated through iOS functionality.

The document states that these buttons should be made ​​using the same material used for the cases, and they would stand out just by illuminating the space left open between the button and the casing.

Since the iPhone 5S is reportedly set begin production next month, this technology will likely be implemented in iPhone 6 or beyond.

The iPhone 6 moniker that Apple should have kept for the iPhone due to be released next year has appeared in the inventory listing of products from mobile operator Vodafone UK.

This picture is said to have been captured by a Vodafone employee and it shows the handset’s name included in the listing of the inventory system.

The interesting part is that the device listed by Vodafone is compatible with its 4G network, something that is not yet available for the current iPhone 5.

Despite the listing, no one can say with certainty that Apple will name their future device iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will be launched this year by Apple, and one of the updates that will be implemented in the smartphone is connected to the camera.

Many analysts say a 12 or 13 megapixel camera will be incorporated in the device, and the picture below demonstrates that Apple plans to change the motherboard design, with a structure is different than that of the iPhone 5.

In the end, no week without designers’ imagination resting as to what the design of the iPhone 6 could be.

A graphic designer imagined Apple’s presentation for the iPhone 6.

Of course in reality the presentation won’t look like this, but it is interesting to analyze.

Below is an iPhone 6 concept with a edge-to-edge display and a quad-core processor.