German driver voluntarily crashes into a tree to test airbags: “I didn’t trust that they would work, so I wanted to test them”

The good news is that they have worked, but the bad news is the driver could lose his license after a psychiatric test.

Uwe Schrager, a German who lives in Lower Saxony, just wanted to put his car to the test.

His problem, however, was not related to reliability or performance, but to the airbags.

Lacking confidence, Schrager crashed his car, a Ford Mondeo, into a tree to make sure that the airbags are activated at the impact.

Luckily for him, the car’s passive safety systems functioned, so the driver survived, and airbags exploded as they were supposed to.

Moreover, police officers arrived at the scene to analyze car and concluded that Uwe had previously struck twice against a wall, but the airbags were not activated because of the low speed.

“They will need to carry out psychiatric test to determine whether the man is suitable to have a licence at all. He had apparently crashed into two walls at lower speeds before he finally hit the tree. That is not normal behavior,” a police spokesman declared.

Uwe Schrager, whose blood alcohol level was zero at the time of the accident, explained: “I knew that the car was fitted with airbags but I didn’t trust that they would work, so I wanted to test them. I felt it was better to have a low speed crash that I was likely to survive if they didn’t work rather than a high-speed crash when I only found out when it was too late that they didn’t work.”

Stories of drivers who are trying to see if their cars reach the maximum speed specified in the technical file have been in the automotive world for a long time.

After the phenomenon of mounted cameras on the board has grown in the world, the tests to which drivers put their cars have become more creative.

Source: Austrian Times