Singing astronaut Chris Hadfield ends mission with David Bowie cover, “Space Oddity”

Now, the first Canadian commander of the ISS, Chris Hadfield, ends his mission with David Bowie’s cover “Space Oddity”.

In the last night spent by Hadfield on the ISS, the astronaut released the music video.

After he submitted original videos with normal activities, but performed without gravity, such as washing hands or brushing teeth, Hadfield was faced with a new challenge – a music video.

The astronaut wanted thus to mark his departure from the International Space Station.

Chris Hadfield, Roman Romanenko and Thomas Marshburn leave the ISS after five months. The command will be taken over by Pavel Vinogradov.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, NASA will transmit on its website the departure of the three astronauts on the ISS and the landing of the Soyuz ship aboard which they will be traveling to Kazakhstan.